16 September 2004

stomach bug

Overpriced fruit salad, apple juice, and dried apricots from gourmet greengrocer: 27.17 euros (!!!)

Gastro medicine to make me stop throwing up and burping: 4.50 euros

Two videos to entertain me: 7.00 euros (*plus* my boyfriend rented a third flick)

That's a really expensive day, considering I stayed in bed and did absolutely nothing.

Oh, and I didn't eat any of the food either.

On the bright side, I must have lost a couple of kilos.

(Dirk and I were actually talking about this last night: I never diet; I just get sick and throw up for a day or two every so often. It's like involuntary bulemia.* Whoop-whoop!)

* Not that eating disorders are funny.**

** Except when they are.

betholindo at 10:07

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