16 November 2006

welcome to the third world

Joke: How many Chinese people does it take to fix a water heater?

Wait, this isn't a joke. It's my life. I've got six people in my kitchen in various states of smelliness messing around with the pieces of my water heater.

Must be in China.

We're finally getting the hot water heater fixed.

After five weeks of cold water and regular appointments with the Living Quarters maintenance guys, it has been determined that we are, in fact, not just weird foreigners (they have a word for that), but our heater is actually broken.

I've been wearing hats to school because my hair is so greasy. I keep expecting the principal to say something so that I can explain that teachers don't live under the same conditions that administrators do.

Oh, and there have been fourteen Chinese people (that I know of) involved so far.

betholindo at 16:04

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