02 December 2006

'Tis the season to be jolly-

My boss called me a Fucking Bitch on Thursday night when I told her over a glass of wine that I'm not coming back next year. I said, What, like that's some surprise?

Theories were exchanges with our table companions about whether or not non-Evangelicals can be happy here. She went on about JesusChrist and JesusMaryandJoseph and then our friends began their impersonations of her boss, who has asked me my religion both in private conferences and in my original interview. I'm still vague about it; non-kerkies don't survive here.

I've created a great classroom community where the hyperreligious kids can state their opinions about anything from tolerance to Locke to feminist critical theory -they can even talk about their ideas of God in this context- without excluding the Buddhist and other non-Christian students. My kids love that they've learned to dialogue maturely about these issues, that I accept them unconditionally, and that making everyone feel good about being in school is my top priority.

I asked my boss for a rec on our way out to get curry and I'm still vague about whether or not she said Yes and the timeframe that she may or may not do it, exactly. I'm thinking about paying some of the kids to go caroling at a Christmas party another colleague is having. My whole moral sense of self is muddled, so I can take a stand about Not Bullying The Buddhist Children and while paying others to sing about Frosty and Rudolph while I sip eggnog.

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