Toothpaste Day

Yesterday was christened Toothbrush Day, rather than Turkey Day, by the children.

First of all, they have never seen nor eaten a turkey. (It's like when I tried to explain raccoons to them---a good idea in theory.)

Second, they all received new toothbrushes and multiple sample packets of toothpaste (courtesy of Dad who sent me a box of each).

They were so excited about the new toothpaste: white AND green, not just boring old white.

They don't even have multi-colored toothpaste in Uruguay, so the kids felt really special.

And they all got to pick out their toothbrushes, which was particularly exciting for those who had never owned one.

Six children fall into this category; they always used their pointer finger when they brushed after snack time. (I let them pick first and I think they felt really good about themselves for finally having one. It must have been tough to feel excluded.)

I showed them how to open the packets and explained,

"This is not for eating. It's for brushing teeth. Just like in school. Now what's it for? Okay. Now what is it not for? Okay."

When their parents arrived to pick them up, the teachers explained the concept of toothpaste to them. "What's it for? Okay. What's it not for? Okay, here's your kid."

The director said that when the children first enroll, most have never seen toothpaste, so they try to eat it.

And I know they'll probably just eat it anyway. And their older siblings will hide the brushes or their parents will wind up using them instead.

But at least those six will have one to bring to school in their bolsitas now.

betholindo at 2:00 p.m.

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