13 October 2004

wag the-

I registered to vote via absentee ballot in Amsterdam about a month ago. I never received my ballot in the mail, so I went this morning to the American consulate to fill out a write-in ballot that I can mail in.

I noticed in an ad in the Amsterdam Weekly, an English-language newspaper, that Democrats Abroad is in a panic, offering write-in ballots at their meetings. They registered over 10,000 Americans to vote here (about 30,000 Americans live in the Netherlands) and apparently very few of them have actually received their absentee ballots.

CNN Europe ran a clip saying that many Americans who registered in time haven't received their ballots yet.

None of the Americans I know have received their ballots yet.

The last election was decided by absentee ballots for one state.

The person in charge of Bush's election campaign is/was also the woman who is/was in charge of counting the ballots for that election in that one state.

As we also know, on-military expatriates are overwhelmingly Democrats.

I wonder if military personnel, a largely Republican group, have had any problems receiving their mail-in ballots.

What do you think?

betholindo at 14:43

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