winnnings or anti-climactic?

Sunday night Peetie and her boyfriend Jordan swung by to pick me up from work.

I wasn't watching the Superbowl because it was taking all of my strength to fold napkins and put away clean glasses and such. I couldn't be bothered with a bunch of boys in tight pants (sad, but true).

Then Jordan said to me, "you're about to win the Superbowl pool."

You see, the executive chef is a bookie. A few other people at work are as well and in the past we've run through our share of drug dealers.

But I don't make enough money to invest in any of their business dealings, so I throw money at the small fry---the ten dollar Superbowl and Kentucky Derby betting pools.

And I've never won anything before.

And I could really use the extra $500.

During the twenty-minute drive home, all I could think about was all the ways I could spend the money---bank it for my trip, pay off more bills, maybe even leave early for Europe.

I was really excited.

I had never won anything before.

I was glued to the TV screen when we got home.

I had never won anything before.

Then, during the last thirty seconds of the game, the Patriots scored again.

They won, so I didn't.

I still haven't won anything.

betholindo at 11:58 a.m.

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