23 May 2004

with bitters

I love Sundays.

And I love gin and tonics in my underwear and leg warmers on Sundays.

And I love g & t's in my underwear and legwarmers while I read and wait for my boyfriend to get home from sailing on Sundays.

I love not having to work Sundays.

I love working regular hours, unlike in London where I was In Charge Of The World five days a week.

I love having a huge room with a huge bed on which I can lie and look at the stars at night.

I love that there are no streetlights outside my windows.

I love that the host family doesn't bother me when I'm not working and that they invite my boyfriend over for dinner and don't ration the beer and wine.

I love this drink.

And I love Sundays.

betholindo at 12:00

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