06 May 2005

Yay lattes!

Ungh. Yesterday was misery personified. The line for the tourist visa at the Chinese consulate wound around the block. And I was late because some mofo shizerhead stole my map.

Guess where I later found the mofo shizerhead?

In line at the Chinese consulate.

And he actually had the chutzpah not to move away from me in line.

Went to the British Museum (I can't believe I never got the chance when I was living here), Les Miserables (now I see what all the fuss is about---a fuss should be made about that musical), out for fish and chips, and of course, to the GAP.

It's nice to have jeans that fit. Jeans from the Netherlands are always too long (because the Dutch are so extremely tall) and they make me look hippy. And I'm always wearing through the seats of my pants because I'm always sitting on a bicycle seat.

Man, I'm tired. Starbucks helps, but I'm ready for the middle of nowhere in England again.

Yay lattes!

betholindo at 11:24

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