14 March 2006


This shaggy guy with sparkly blue fingernails asked the girl next to him (who was way out of his league) on the subway when her life started to slow down.

I took his question and let it fly around in my head along with the Beck streaming into my ears and the questions I have about how to talk to the students who plagiarized in my class.

Did I mention you can see the Empire State Building from my classroom?

I love the kids, but hate everything else about teaching. I'm counting the days until I'm rid of the school and the administration and the headaches.

My life slowed down again tonight.

The first hump was a month ago when I started sleeping again at night. I had gone two six-day stretches with seven hours of sleep each.

My second hump was tonight, with my first final in, my weekends suddenly free, and an incoming phone call to negotiate my salary with my second (increasingly first) choice school in Shanghai. How much money is the five-paragraph essay worth? How much will you pay me to teach it to your students? Are you buying me or my Ivy League degree?

Do I really care? We talk tonight---it'll be my third phone interview from China in the past two weeks.

I wore a t-shirt to work for the first time today. I dressed it up with slacks and a shirt underneath, but I still wore a t-shirt to work. The atomic bomb t-shirt.

32 days of work split up over the next six weeks. Rock! I'd quit now if I didn't need the recommendation and if it wouldn't tick off my advisors.

My brother and sister decorated my room with yellow paper bananas this past weekend. My boyfriend returned to Amsterdam and I keep forgetting he's gone.

My window is lit up with Christmas lights and my sheets are dirty.


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