What would Sheila do?

So this morning's church service was better than usual: fast paced songs, sermon of a reasonable length.

(As opposed to last week, when I thought the communion meditation was the sermon because it lasted so long.)

Then they started doing this thing that intimidates me to no extent: they started praying in rounds, getting louder and louder, until you can't hear any words, just noise.

Yeah, we don't do that at my church in the States.

Then I looked up because some of the praying sounded particularly impassioned, angry even.

One of the ministers was laying his hands on individual congregants, who would then fall to the ground crying.

Yeah, we don't do that either.

And what did Sheila do?

She made like grease lightning as soon as it was over.

I've never kissed so many cheeks so quickly in my whole life.


betholindo at 5:45 p.m.

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