When I land Stateside the first thing I'll do is buy some duty-free Bombay Sapphire before leaving the terminal.

I went into withdrawl for some decent gin while in Uruguay.

Besides, I can't show up empty handed when my friend Moira Bodoira with the Googly Eyes picks me up at the train station in Rhode Island. What kind of friend would I be then?

The second thing I'll do is spend twenty-four hours poolside in Miami with one of my mom's best friends.

And the gin.

I catch a plane Christmas Eve to Atlanta, then connect to New York. Hopefully it won't crash into some skyscraper or other such bother and I'll make my train for Westerly, Rhode Island.

Then Moira and I will finish the gin and tuck ourselves into bed for what will amount to a mere nap, as I have to waitress Christmas Day.

I will sleep when I am dead. Until then, I boogy.

betholindo at 7:00 p.m.

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