17 July 2007


They blocked Anonymouse!

I was going to research the formadehyde-in-Tsingtao-beer story that just broke.

So lemme see:

China won't raise the value of the yuan.

Because it's tied to the dollar.

Which the U.S. doesn't like, even though China imports a zillion American products.

Including rice and water. (Steps one and two of China's current mistakes-in-process. Step three is importing energy from Russia.)

So the U.S. media start spreading the madness: the kerosene and lead in the children's toys, the bogus toothpaste, the tainted pet food, and the rejected seafood.

Then the domestic journalists get on it, reminding everyone of last year's baby formula "incident" (baking soda and baby powder packaged as infant formula here on the domestic Chinese market), by telling everyone that all that bottled water we've been drinking is bottled right from the tap and repackaged (shot who? what? there's hepatitis in my water?).

And now they just announced that the local beer, the beer everyone drinks, the beer that's cheaper than water IS FILLED WITH FORMADEHYDE at toxic levels.

I can handle the trade war that's about to begin: China just banned U.S. beef because it's "unfit." I can live without cow in my life.

I also realize that they copy everything here: art, clothing, technology, and now apparently: water.

And I recognize that there's probably MSG in the food when I eat out. And I never shop at wet markets (despite how "cool" it is to do that because it's what Chinese people do)- no, I buy overpriced organic nonsense from the French supermarket.

What am I supposed to do? I can't even get information on this mess because all the news sites are blocked and now my escape hatch (Anonymouse) is down too.

I also recognize the irony behind using the search engine that most people use for kiddie porn to find out basic information about the world around me. And I can further recognize the irony that it works everywhere else in the world (because of course, you don't want to disrupt the delicate balance of perverts) except here.

Because I might find out that THERE'S FORMALDEHYDE IN MY BEER.

betholindo at 17:12

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