29 May 2004

no light at the end of the tunnel

So here we are again, back to square one.

Or square one minus X dollars.

It's easier to forget that an entire continent exists when you're no longer living on it.

It's easier to fall asleep at night when you aren't receiving Past Due notices every day.

I'm anxious to return to the States, to sort out financial matters (i.e. crises), to get a handle on my lawsuit.

To sell off most everything I own.

Except the books, that is. I'm keeping the books.

I don't want my family to keep making calls regarding those Past Due notices.

I don't want there to be any Past Due notices.

TEST: Which of these statements is true?

1. Credit rating = self worth

2. Credit rating does not = self worth

betholindo at 10:47

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