19 June 2004

I *did* miss plain Cheerios, though.

I spent four months overseas craving the homemade granola Rose (the baker at the Inn) makes.

I got used to Quaker Creusli, which is similar, but not honey-coated and loaded with dried cranberries and bananas. Creusli's plainer, but filled with raisins and hazelnuts.

I get back and discover that Rose's granola is really sorta soggy.

And then I discover that I miss Creusli's crunchy-clumpy goodness and adding my own honey.

And then I realize I've become that person, the pseudo-intellectual "the book's better than the movie" square at the party, who criticizes American supermarket excess.

Cocktail in right hand, right elbow in left hand.

"Yes, yes, everyone knows the book is always better than the movie."

"Yes, yes, everyone knows we don't really *need* an entire cereal aisle at the store. We don't *need* hundreds of selections. Like, ten would do."

"Yes, yes, everyone knows living in Europe is fabulous. When are you coming over for a visit? I'll have some more gin."

betholindo at 13:26

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