I sometimes use the computer lab at the Portones Shopping Plaza near my house because of its proximity.

Malls here are Big Time Entertainment. There's always live music or a cooking show on the lower level and people smoke and drink alcoholic beverages openly, my main source of amusement being watching them.

Unlike in the U.S., where you can't eat or drink near computers in cybercafes, you aren't permitted to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages at an Internet cafes here *if you're under 18.*

And they have so many drugstores---Farmacia Canada, Farmacia Dali---whatever strikes their fantasy. (And no, there's nothing Canadian or Dali-esque about these stores; yes, I did ask.)

Prices at McDonald's are half off after 6:00, but it's still too expensive for most people. Before the discount, a value meal costs about a day's pay, or two or three dollars American.

betholindo at 5:58 p.m.

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