31 July 2006

money money money money MONEY

BEIJING, CHINA- So we're giving the city a second chance, as it crashed and burned in a collective mass of misery last year.

I ate meatless triangle pocket things with fried rice patties from McDonald's (part of the ongoing informal sociological study) and reveled in the abundance of Cola Light (not always available in Mongolia*). Then we walked around, buying cheap tennis whites (so we can play right away when we arrive in our new home in Shanghai in a few days) and drinking coconut juice from coconuts and eating glazed vegetables on sticks.

Tomorrow we're headed to the Badaling section of the Great Wall (again) and it's expected to rain (again), but we'll also visit the Ming Tombs (first time) after a heavy Western breakfast at the hostel (yay!). Then at night we board the overnight sleeper train, our last one of this trip, and this Trans-Siberian trip will end and life in Shanghai will begin.

Awww. What sentimental crap. I'm just ready to start making money.

betholindo at 22:51

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