15 December 2006

placid inertia

7:04 a.m. and the bell rings.

We'd been hitting the snooze button for over half an hour and were grunting our distaste for having to leave the bed. I had decided I could skip breakfast if I could stay in bed for another twenty minutes and Dirk was beginning a round of curses.

He threw on a t-shirt and got up to answer the bell.

"Don't let them in if it's a Chinese person!" I yelled.

(Chinese people are always buzzing us to come up and deliver or collect all kinds of things.)

"He spoke really good English," Dirk said.

It turned out it was the yogurt guy; we ordered fancy French yogurts this week and since everyone delivers, had them slated for a 7:30 delivery. Which I had completely forgotten about and not even told Dirk about, so perhaps I shouldn't say "we."

We did get up and we ate the lekkerste yogurt in Shanghai with breakfast (brown bread, tea, juice) and got dressed and petted the cat and cooed over our new heater and forgot to brush our teeth and faced the outside world, which is experiencing record-high levels of air toxicity right now (is that why the sky's orange?).

betholindo at 10:10

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