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I'm now living at Milhouse Youth Hostel, Buenos Aires' so-called 'premier' kiddie crashpad.

They had free tango lessons last night, but I got in so late from sightseeing that I didn't make it. Free Internet, which is the first I've seen of it in two months.

And breakfast was wonderful> fruit and hot cross buns with all the fixings on the side. Naturally, I smothered mine with everything> butter, orange marmelade, and dulce de leche.

Dulche de leche is a carmelized milk spread with the color and texture of caramel, but the consistency of peanut butter.

It's completely addictive and tastes like the army of Heaven dancing in your mouth.

Last night I stayed at St. Nicolas Hostel, which is about ten blocks from here. It was smaller and therefore more intimate and personal.

For 12 pesos (about four dollars American) you could indulge in the evening asado (smoked and barbequed carnage) and all the wine you can drink. Brilliant.

Visited the Casa Rosada, which is the Presidential Palace with the famous Evita balcony.

Breezed through a slew of art museums, which was a great idea in theory. But in reality, the installations ceased to exist past being mere shapes and colors after about seven o'clock. It was complete sensory overload: thousands of pieces to digest in a single day.

Today I'm touring the Congressional building and walking to the Japanese gardens. Then I'll visit one of the older art museums (my tour book says it holds loads of Rembrandts and Monets).

P.S. Punctuation will improve when I have access to a Uruguayan keyboard.

betholindo at 9:36 a.m.

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