wink, wink

So I've been going to a gym on the days when I don't work my legs into oblivion waitressing.

And the machines I like, the ellipses, were occupied yesterday, so I decided to use the Treadmill.

I was running. I was doing great. I kept upping the speed and upping the speed and upping the speed. I was still doing great.

Then when I got off, I noticed that instead of feeling all sweaty and She-Ra-ish, I felt light headed and wobbly.

And now, the morning after, I can barely flex my calves.

I love my gym though. There's this one guy that's always there when I'm working out. He's an older gentleman and somewhat heavyset (although he lost a lot of weight when I was in Uruguay).

And everytime he sees me he winks and waves.

Why does he wink and wave?

Because he saw me fall off a Treadmill once this past autumn when I spotted a cute guy.

It went something like this: Sheila is jogging. Sheila spots blond Adonis. Sheila thinks, "Whoa! Who's that?" Sheila forgets to keep moving while thinking.

Treadmill, however, remembers to keep moving.

Sheila falls.

Old man hops off Stairmaster to help her up. Cute blond looks startled and never returns.

So Mr. Wink and Wave and I have a special relationship.

betholindo at 11:55 a.m.

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