16 July 2005

objects in the rearview mirror are exactly as close as they appear

Yes, and the yard sale was today. Strange to be sifting through boxes of things we've accumulated over the years: Care Bear sheets, clothes from high school, odds and ends and gifts I've never used. Finding my father's business card from when he started his company ten years ago, my work clogs, pictures of the cat who's my sidekick in half my dreams.

Strange to see people sifting through those items on display, old ladies offering me 92 cents for a Coach purse, teenagers stealing hangers, mothers talking to me about their children's college funds and Girl Scout camping trips. What am I supposed to do with all this information?

TV: ten dollars. Anyone? It's my roommate's and she wants to sell it. Five dollars, anyone? Yeah, well, the color's a little green, I have to be honest with you.

Strange to have people tell me I'm worth nothing, nothing I have is worth anything, I am nothing in the face of their New England Yankee privilege, do you have a bag for this?

No, you cannot have everything for 25 cents. No, my soul is not for sale. Why isn't anyone buying books? Don't you people read?

All the crap sold. Anything worth anything stayed. Well, almost.

Peetie and I are going to do this for another Saturday or two, but then we'll call it quits. We're hitting consignment stores this week to unload a few things and I'll eBay some kitchy collectibles.

You'd be surprised at how much people judge us, how much they look down on us for having so many things we're not currently using. But aren't they buying it? Don't they have these things in their own basements at home?

See you folks next Saturday, 8-2. Yeah, sure, we'll be here. Crap for sale.

betholindo at 22:55

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