16 August 2005

another day another -

Got back from the Dallas/Vegas/Arizona trip last week and it was just one big Donald Hall poem manifested in ten days of steakhouses, casinos, and desert landscapes. No, I didn't gamble. Yes, I saw a show, but it was BB King, not some topless chorusline.

Some newscaster once said that part of the reason Clinton was a great president was because he could compartmentalize his life: job on the left, personal life on the right, emotions In Check At All Times. I get that; I cry only at Appropriate Moments.

It feels like I've spent the past six weeks split between airplanes and basements. I've got twenty boxes left to go plus tchotchkes and my mountain bike to sell. I'll be done this time next week, three days ahead of schedule.

Also, I ordered my neighborhoodie online: it's bold and brash and red and has "betholindo" written in navy with white stitching on the back and a gold star on the left shoulder.


betholindo at 14:54

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