08 July 2005


Things that are happening:

I got a job. No, I already had a job, waitressing nights at the same restaurant where I always seem to crash when I'm in town. But I got a second job, one for days.

I quit the job. The boy's argument was something along the lines of: So what, you're going to work double overtime all summer, not giving yourself the time to think about what's happened, and then you'll burn out before grad school in September and suffer an emotional breakdown sometime in October? That's your plan?

So yeah, I didn't go in. But I called at least.

I'll be garage sale-ing every Saturday morning. My best friend Moira had Peetie and I over for potluck dinenr last night. We stood in the kitchen and swapped horror stories from this past spring. Reassuring and cathartic. It won't stop raining.

There's more, but I'm not up for talking about it right now.

betholindo at 10:22

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