03 July 2005

Independence Day

So there's some adjusting-

The boy left yesterday afternoon, arrived this morning while I was asleep, and now I have to remind myself about the seven-hour time difference between here and Amsterdam.

Tomorrow---Independence Day (unbelievably high cheese factor)---I take a bus then a taxi then three airplanes to get from my brother in Memphis to my sister in Rhode Island.

We---the boyfriend and I---were in Corinth, Mississippi, a few days ago. We stopped in at the Visitor's Center to get a local map and ask about where we could find some decent tamales. They asked if we were tourists and I said no, we're just visiting family.

Which was true. Is true.

The boy said I'll find myself not volunteering the fact that my father is dead to people. I'll tell current friends, he said, but I'll wind up guarding that information from new people I meet.

I packed up today, consolidating bags and shuffling books and clothes to evenly distribute the weight. And to keep both bags under 50 pounds. (Stupid domestic airline regulations.)

I'll be in Rhode Island for the summer, waitressing and writing, trying to make some money, trying to pay attention to myself. I miss eating healthy, although I've loved the food over the past few weeks (we ate everything in sight in Spain and comforted ourselves with fried-everything in the South). I pinky-promised the boy I'd run, but I was really promising myself.

I've got my frequent flyer numbers, ticket stubs, and am trying to figure out what to do with myself before everything catches up with me.

betholindo at 17:18

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