01 November 2006


So I had locked my blog because I was afraid that the IT department at my school would trace my colleagues' Internet activity and find out what they're reading and that they're reading this. But then I had a Zen moment (after a combination of coffee and beer last weekend) and realized that I just. don't. care.

Greg wrote me this:

"I read yer blog entry and listened to some Madonna. I say get a cheap video camera and get your ass to North Korea and make yerself an internet superstar. Live from the DMZ, bitches. You could do a spoiled American girl thing, it would fucking rock the election."

It's not a bad idea, going AWOL. I taught the kids this week the difference between two adjectives:

Dogs get mad.
People get angry.

Mr. Frey used to always say that to us in high school. He taught Latin and Western Civ., two required courses, and he looked like Gargamel from the Smurfs. That was his thing. You know, like how every teacher had a thing? Some cared about lateness; others about whether or not you raised your hand too much or not often enough. Some couldn't stand anything but non-erasable pens.

Mr. Frey got mad, not angry. The kids liked the story. I always make sure the grammar lessons come with a story. I taught them about imperative sentences by explaining trapeze school.


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