21 September 2004

put it on my tab

I want a cosmo.

Not the magazine; the drink.

I want some bartender to stirnotshake the top-shelf vodka, the splash of Triple Sec, the cranberry juice all together, pour the whole beautiful mess into an iced martini glass and garnish it with a curly lemon peel or thick lime wedge.

Yes, I can make it myself.

Yes, I have made a thousand from my days waitressing and behind the bar.

And yes, in theory I could walk right into a bar and order some shimmery delicious cosmopolitan goodness.

But barkeeps here aren't exactly sure how to mix and gin and tonic, so ordering a proper cosmopolitan might be out of the question.

I don't think I've ever seen an 'up' glass at a single restaurant here.

What does it say that my first pangs of homesickness are alcohol-related?

betholindo at 22:36

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