22 September 2004

like Romeo and Juliet, only way hotter

I'm trying to arrive in Rhode Island via Peter Pan bus via Boston's Logan airport on 23 Dec. This means I'm able to work Christmas Eve and Day to make my much-needed vacation bling bling. This also gives me the chance to visit all my roommates, favorite restaurants, and associated friends and their mothers (in one case, I send more postcards to the mother of a friend of mine than the actual friend, so I have a feeling I may be expected for coffee at her house after work on Christmas gets out).

Then the Fabulous Bekkering Boys arrive the 26th (it seems to be the date Dirk pinpointed) ready to drink, ski, and be set up on dates (youngest brother likes blondes and redheads, but shouldn't discount my brunette friends, as they are extremely hot as well).

Meanwhile, Sheila's father and new stepmother may be trying to stage a coup: not just meet Dirk, but his whole family as well.

Sounds like fun, right? A little laughsey with the Southerners in between runs. Hey, maybe even shoot over to Rhode Island to meet Sheila's Hot Friends, see where she's from, the home she made, even meet her Un-Hot Friends.

Suddenly the family ski trip is Full Of Implications and one of us broke into a cold sweat. The other one decided to throw the fam a bone so the two families wouldn't have to speak, meet, or in any way acknowledge the other's existence.

This means I go to Memphis and/or Dallas when all of them alight in Vermont/Boston/NYC. When the coast is clear, I fly back up so I can see my friends before leaving on Jan. 8 or 9. The five of them (counting one brother's girlfriend) will be simultaneously admiring the tree at Rockefeller Center, downing pints in Harvard Square, and mastering the Vermont slopes.

This doesn't make any sense, does it?

Sorting all this out was decidedly Not Fun.

If we were anyone else, we probably would have had a knock-down, drag-out fight, complete with breaking vases against the wall like in the Britney Spears video. But instead we were all "I want to be respectful of your wishes" and blah blah blah. Ironically, we're both desperate to fight like that sometime, only I'm not allowed to slash my wrists and die in the bathtub.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure if my mom is coming up from South Carolina; I know my brother in Memphis doesn't have a lot of vacation time; I assume my dad will be spending some time with his new wife's family in Arkansas; and status of younger sister=still unknown, although her boyfriend will be in my new home town, Amsterdam.

So part of the purpose of Dirk's family's trip (to spend time with me in my element) is negated.

And my family hasn't told me yet what they want me to do.

Suddenly, Acapulco sounds extremely inviting.

betholindo at 09:29

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