quirks and quarks

My sister Peetie and I went over to Moira's house on Christmas with some leftover wine from work.

She asked about Gregory, a boy I met while visiting her in Halifax.

The conversation meandered and she told me that he used to measure bean plant growth in milkcrates in his room in Nova Scotia.

Like, compulsively.

We realized at the same time that this eccentricity actually made him more attractive to me.

If I were to introduce Dirk around, I would probably let it slip that he used to accidentally suffocate all the time when he was a child.

(Some vocal chord anomaly, but he's okay now. I prefer his health to the drama, believe it or not.)

I'm glad I'm not like all the other girls, concerned with bank accounts and country club memberships.

I'd much rather brag on my boyfriends' quirks.

betholindo at 10:35 a.m.

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