16 November 2004

back to reality

Spent the weekend with his family in what must have been the most fun two-day vacation I've ever had. We even had jet lag afterwards, but without the time zone change.

Antwerp, Belgium: Outstanding fashion museum (took a handful of free posters and postcards), bizarre (yet beautiful) clothing (the boys were there to shop; I was there for the waffles), filling beer.

Rotterdam, Netherlands: We baked cookies, watched movies, and celebrated his dad's birthday (minus the singing---aww, shucks).

Wassenar, Netherlands: Hours at the Tikibad, an indoor waterpark with alternately:

-scary tunnel rides (I closed by eyes and covered my head the whole way down on a few of them; oh, yes, of course I went back for more), some of which rip up your back because you go so fast

-and exhilarating tunnel rides (like the one where I lost my inflatable raft, so went down head first on my back, which is the most disorienting experience I can imagine---I didn't know which way was up or down and didn't know if I was traveling feet-first, head-first, on my back or on my stomach; there was just lots of flashing light and water)

-oh, but the French fries in between rides: I ordered mine with ketchup, so they dumped about a gallon (gallon=4 liters, for your Europeans)* on my poor little fries, which made them soggy and not fun to eat. Why not just make mashed potatoes with ketchup mixed in? It'd save valuable minutes of my life spent complaining; I'd just be like, oh, okay, this is how the Dutch like their fries---MASHED.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: We got back to his place Sunday night and crashed. Even our ears were ringing like after an international flight.

*I'm making this up. I don't have the slighest idea as to how many liters are in a gallon.

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