03 April 2007

ronry, so ronry


"Hello, hello, hello!"


"Hello, foreigner. What's your name?"

"Sheila. What's yours?"

"Thank you."

"You oughta rethink that."

Dirk gets approached all the time on his way to work by prostitutes and people wanting to practice their English. I only get the ones wanting to practice their English.

I judged the Chinese-track English speeches in school last week. The students were great, really, and I decided to score them as if they were native speakers because that would be a better measure of their level. The judges gave bonus points to the ones who could say their Ls well, but ultimately ranked them according to what hotel we thought they could work in:

1 - Best Western
2 - Radisson
3 - Shangri-La (great buffets!)
4 - Westin (all the waitresses hope for a western businessman to rescue them)
5 - Hyatt

There were four categories (fluency, expression, enunciation, and content) and the average score was 11. The winner of each category (middle school and high school) averaged 14. Which isn't bad, considering that not all of my students could earn a 14.

* Is this mean because they're students? They're not *my* students, but I mean, all of mine *can* say their Ls.

betholindo at 11:54

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