23 September 2004

c'mon guys, just let me shut the door

Mornings are easier than when I started here. I have a system for everything, even for making everyone's breakfast toast. There's a regimented order, making me more governess than au pair some days.

They line up for their raincoats, bags, and vitamins on their way out the door. One gets an asthma puff and grease for his face, another extra snacks for school. The third keeps taking off her shoes.

I run my errands during the day (bicycle bell, GRE practice book, bread, soya butter, chicken), often with children in tow. They say "please" and "thank you" (the ones who can talk, anyway) and speak more English than Dutch now.

My only complaint is that I miss using the bathroom by myself.

betholindo at 09:31

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