09 August 2006

street map

We spend our days waiting. We wait for parts one, two, three of a delivery from the same store. We wait for the taxi, which we take five kilometers to the nearest subway station, where we wait for a train to change to another train (this part of the commute takes an hour), then we begin our errands.

Shanghai's half the size of Holland, the Boy's home country. We can't research it further because Wikipedia's not allowed. The Dutch newspaper, NRC, is. We finally found a map with our street on it, even though the map's in Chinese.

Speaking of, we've both enrolled in Mandarin classes and my compnay's HR department finally realized we're here, so we get our welcome packet and pep talk tomorrow morning after we move into our apartment. Thanks for that.

Today we go back to the IKEA, symbol of all that is double-income-no-kids. And monkey eats peaches.

betholindo at 13:14

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