03 February 2005


Fixations change: from the GRE to grad school apps to (now) scholarship requests.

Barely time for me in between all the paperwork. I've revised my resume so many times that I've forgotten what I'm selling.

Good news: One of my roommates has booked a ticket to come see me in less than two weeks. Like, with actual flight times and confirmation numbers and everything.

I think about strip malls and cars and having to buy tickets to see my boyfriend and I don't want to go back.

Then I think of diapers and bottles and can't wait to leave.

Pro's/con's. Flip a coin. Best two out of three.

Okay, three out of five. There's no such thing as win/win. And the city (Manhattan vs. Boston) doesn't even matter as much as I think it does.

I don't have time to fixate anymore.

betholindo at 09:35

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