28 November 2006

Speak English! "Yu-Gi-Oh" is English, Ms. S!

What are the ethics of giving kids confiscated Yu-Gi-Oh cards to clean the classroom?

My homeroom kids are supposed to clean the classroom each day; they don't have ayis in the middle/high school that clean the non-common rooms. It teaches them responsibility and how to pick up after themselves, and so on. But my homeroom does a shoddy job, which I'm okay with because I realize that each week we have a new mopper and a new sweeper and a new plant waterer and a new whateverthefuck and so each week, all new kids have to learn how to hold a mop/broom/water canister/whateverthefuck.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government decided to get up all in my school's grill and observe us this week, so the classrooms all had to be of Chinese quality (note: all flash, no substance). And two students who I teach but who are *not* in my homeroom said they'd clean the room for me. . . .

For a price.

I debated the ethics of this issue for about a New York nanosecond: this friggin' Yu-Gi-Oh contraband has been in my desk drawer (it's not allowed in school), unclaimed, for two months. The room needs to be cleaned and my kids aren't doing it and my neck is sprained (it's been a long week, folks).

Now if I could just bribe people into fixing what's *really* wrong with the school-

betholindo at 14:23

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